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From Maquette’s inception, mindful service has been at the heart of our company's philosophy. Mindful service pertains to the act of being acutely aware of our client’s needs and finding specific solutions to meet those needs. Maquette has adapted and grown by adding some of the most talented and focused people in the industry. Building a strong and collaborative crew of dedicated individuals has allowed for our company's energy to continue to be focused on what matters most—the client's happiness and satisfaction.

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 Our facilities, located in New York City and Boston, have been designed with the special needs of the fine art market in mind. We have created spaces that allow clients to store fine objects in a secure and environmentally safe manner. Offering both managed open storage and private rooms allows for the client to design storage strategies around their needs.

crating & packing

 Maquette crating offers a full spectrum of packing and crating options to meet any budgetary or conservation requirements. Our crating managers work directly with clients to design efficient packing specific to each individual artwork. Maquette is currently participating in an institutional crating study to evaluate and improve protection against temperature change and vibration. 


 Transporting fine art objects is a hallmark of Maquette. The company’s origins derived from fine art transport and installation in the New York area. We have always been proud of our ability to provide this sensitive and essential service. We have done this by always being mindful of the objects needs as well as the clients. Currently we have fourteen vehicles split between New York and Boston. Click on 'read more' for fleet details.


 Maquette specializes in detail-oriented, hands-on installation of all forms of art, from framed photographs and paintings to multimedia works and sculpture. We ensure the safest and most efficient installation for every project. Blending experience with the precise science of installation, our process takes into account every detail, from the choice of hardware to the final placement of the work.


 We offer a full range of rigging options as part of our services. Our highly experienced riggers can plan and coordinate your unique rigging project, from simple gantry lifts to full crane hoists. Maquette practices the highest level of care to ensure the safety of both the artwork and the surrounding area, working closely with the client in each stage of planning. As part of our services we obtain all the proper paperwork and permits needed to perform any substantial rigging operation, including large scale hoists.

more services

 These services include viewing room rental, art fair shipping and installation, TSA screening, cross-country shuttles, exclusive shuttles, and international shipping in conjunction with our logistic brokerage partners. 


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