Fine Art Installation

At Maquette We Also Provide Fine Art Installation Services to Support Your Art Work Every Step of the Way.

Have you just purchased a piece of art but you are unsure of your exact next step? We can transport and install it to museum or gallery standards. Fine art installation services are just another service we are qualified to provide to our clients who have discerning taste and a collection they want to showcase. Fine art installation, like fine art storage and transportation, takes an eye for detail and skill. We take lighting, room flow, safety, humidity, sun damage, and structural integrity into account for each piece. Do not hire a moving company to move or worse install your home's art. Hire the professionals who know how to treat it with care and showcase it in ideal situations.

We can provide your fine art installation in your home, on display in a more public setting, in your business, and we provide our services to professional art galleries and museums. If quality matters, if perfection is your standard, and if your fine art is priceless to you no matter its stated value we are the company to choose for quality and fastidiousness. An art installation service should be professionally handled each time a new piece of art is moved and put on display, no matter if it is in the home or at the finest museum, give your art collection the light and respect deserved with professional fine art installation services from the fine art storage and transportation company that works with the greatest pieces in New York in Boston. Call Maquette Fine Art Services today.