Fine Art Storage NY

Do You Need Fine Art Storage NY?

Our secure storage facilities are designed with the storage of fine art in mind. We know that you do not want your priceless pieces collecting dust in a Warehouse or typical storage facility. You would not hire just anyone to work on your luxury car because a specialized technician is needed for the job. You know that storing fine art pieces requires a specialized skill set as well. We store only fine art and like items that require care and intelligence, there is no corner of our facility that is unsafe or neglected because all the art we store is worth every effort of protection. If you choose a facility that does not specialize in fine art storage you run the risk of having your priceless pieces bunched in next so someone's household storage full of possible mites, or worse. Go with a specialty company if your art is worth more to you than a garage or yard sale junk.

What Sets Us Apart At Maquette Fine Art Services? Our dedication to quality control at every level. We stand above the rest in the industry because we demand the highest standards for our client's property. There are many elements that go into keeping fine art safe. One aspect is security. These items must be kept separate and safe from any prying eyes or access. Another is temperature control. Some of these items are very old, some are even ancient temperature fluctuation, and humidity can affect art of any age so we treat all art with the finest of care. We offer patrolled open storage areas and private rooms for the safety and convenience of our clients. Your art is our priority from the moment we have it in our care to the moment it is returned back to yours. Contact us for all your art crating NYC needs today.