From crating to transportation -
Maquette is commited towards
environmental sustainability
Deepening the roots of art

As part of our commitment, we are constantly looking at new ways of reducing our effect on the environment.
Excited by the perspective of sparking a conversation about environmental conciousness in the Fine Art Logistics industry, Maquette is proud to announce a partnership with OneTreePlanted.

Through this collaboration, one tree will be planted for every product sold.


OneTreePlanted is a non-profit organization devoted to global reforestation by partnering with on the ground organization specializing in reforestation in different regions of the world to promote a healthy mix of tree species.

You can learn more about their initiative here and check out their
Global Forest Tracking Map here.

You can't spell the
earth without ART

Our green statement goes beyond this single partnership with OneTreePlanted, and start with considering to reduce our ecological footprint through our recyling practices and choice for lumber suppliers for crating (accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council® and members of the SFI® Sustainable Forestry Initiative), all the way to donating supplies to New York public school programming through Materials for the Arts.

Don't forget, plant a
tree with Maquette.

Remember that when you use Maquette, for every order, one tree will be planted. Not only will your priceless possessions be taken care of professionally, but you will also be helping save the planet one tree at a time. Please contact us for an estimate of your needs, and let’s work together to make the earth a better place while taking care of your luxuries.

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